craigslist posting tool

Craigslist Best Practices

Post no more than a handful of ads at a time.

  • Never use the tools to post more than a handful of ads (4 or 5 at a time) within any given session. Doing so can increase the chances of your ads being blocked (“Ghosted”) by Craigslist, and/or flagged by other Craigslist users.

Spread ads throughout the day.

  • Spread out your postings over the course of the day.  For example, post 4 or 5 ads first thing in the morning.  Go away and do some paperwork, help some customers, and come back to post another handful right before lunch.  Come back again a couple of hours later and post another handful of ads before you go home.
  • This is to avoid posting large “chunks” of ads at a single time.  Doing so can not only bring negative attention from other Craigslist users, but can cause Craigslist to start viewing you as a “spammer” and start blocking your ads.
  • Posting smaller chunks of ads throughout the day also ensures that you have a more constant presence for your ads and your dealership as the day goes by.  This becomes extremely important in trying to make sure you reach the casual or impulsive shopper who is only going to browse the first couple of pages in the listings to see if there’s anything they are interested in.  By posting ads throughout the day, you increase your chances of reaching those potential customers.

Post in one geographical area.

  • Craigslist requires that you post ads in one city or geographical listing area.  If you live in a more rural or outlying area, or outside of a major metropolis that is fairly close, it is suggested that you post directly to that market instead of trying to post across two or three.  The idea is to post to the geographic area that you feel will gain you the most visibility and will provide you with the largest number of potential customers.
  • The posting tool and the posting templates SHOULD NOT be used or viewed as a way to “get around” this Craigslist requirement or post inventory to multiple markets.  Craigslist does track posting habits of users, accounts, IP addresses, etc. across multiple geographical locations, and may respond to cross-market posting by blocking or removing ads from users that engage in these practices.
  • Posting to multiple markets with the tool is not suggested or supported, and is always done at your own risk.

Switch up your templates.

  • Our tools give you access to many different template styles, and with our Custom Template feature, the number of options is limitless.  You do need to be sure, however, that you do switch up the templates for each successive ad you post.  This will help you to avoid appearing as a “spammer” on Craigslist.  Posting the same template too many times in one local listing area can cause a negative browsing experience for other Craigslist users, and may cause users to flag your ads.  In addition, Craigslist looks at the HTML/Text ratio of your ads when you submit your ads, and Craiglist may start to view your ads as being “too similar” if you use the same template repeatedly.  This can cause your ads and/or your Craigslist account to be blocked.
  • Rotate templates with each ad.  Use a different layout with each car listing, and do not use the same template more than once in any given session.

NEVER duplicate vehicle listings!

  • One of the biggest and most common mistakes dealers make is duplicating listings for individual vehicles on Craigslist. It is a violation of the Craigslist Terms of Use to duplicate listings – i.e., to post the same car more than once, or have multiple ads live for the same car at any given time.  It does not matter if you use a different template; it is the car itself that matters.
  • It is very important that you delete and remove the first/previous post for every vehicle before you attempt to “repost” the same car or “bump it up” in the listings.  We cannot stress the importance of this enough.  Duplicating vehicle ads within your market or even across multiple markets will affect your ability to post and to continue to use Craigslist.  It is not a matter of “if,” only a matter of when.  This is one of the biggest reasons dealers run into issues on Craigslist.
  • Some users think the key to getting better results is to repeat their listings several times a week, or even every day, but this type of strategy is not only a violation of the Craigslist Terms of Use, but just plain doesn’t work in the long run.  This type of overly aggressive strategy will drive short spikes of traffic, but will eventually find the dealer playing “catch-up” as their ads get flagged and blocked, Dealers then try to combat this by posting even more ads.  This behavior creates a vicious cycle that will ultimately lead to the dealer not being able to post to Craigslist at all.